My earth memories
Are vague
In soft distorted pieces
A child’s telescoped thoughts
That bring me small scattered pictures
Of an old, old man
My few childhood recollections
Are fuzzy far off images
Of white hair
And faltering steps
But, these broken fragments are not the reality I hold of you
I have found the clear, clean truth of you
Preserved and honored in so many different thoughts
I have heard the whsipers of your gentle words
For they echo in my mother’s heart
I have felt your peace
Still flowing strong through the house you made a home
I was taught the power of learning
By the woman you loved
I learned the power of love
From the daughter you taught
I feel your legacy
When my throat closes with emotion
When my heart swells with joy
I feel your touch in my blood
As I realize in awe
The sweet strength of tenderness
The powerful promise of love

And today
In the still silver hush of dawn
I sense a soft warm wind that gently lifts the corners of the veil
I feel hymns of love wash over me like a blessing
And I listen
For your voice

~ Edwina Peterson Cross ~

For My Grandfather, Serge Ballif Benson