Some months ago
I visited
The Isle of the Ancestors
I met her there
She was the Ferrywoman
She has been gone 5 years
Five years Sunday 30th Oct 2005
Her son Chris
Picked some roses from her garden
He put them in a vase
On the table looking out
On to HER garden
Now his to look after
Red,Yellow,White & Orange
So beautiful,very old roses
I met her on my trip
To the Isle of the Ancestors
Many months ago
We chatted long & wisely
I told her He (Her Son)
Was well,I was looking out for him
She was content,she said
She had no pain from the Cancer
That ravaged her body for many years
He is not smoking cigarettes she said
No, No, No ,I said, she knew
I was telling the truth
She had known me since I was a new born
In October 1936
She was my neighbour,my friend,my boss at work
She was my Mothers Guardian
When I was not there
She was the one who looked after
Neighbours in her street
She was the chicken soup maker
She was the neighbour we all
Need to have
She was Maureen Ferguson
An Irish woman with a
Firey Spirit.
She is Chris’s Mother.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 1st Nov 2005.