I’ve been with you
this past week, every day
we’ve talked together
walked the old pathways
dreamed old dreams
finding the direction you made for me
by your short living, mine has stretched
so much further and in, I trust,
where you would have me be

Thank you, my dear one
for the gifts you gave:  Remembering
your courage when the witch that wasn’t invited took so much:  your childhood sight
the schooling that you loved
your homeland’s gentle hedges
the wild waves of the northern sea
your mother’s farewell
your sister’s kindly touch

Against such odds you kept
the  hand of the White One’s gift
our heritage?
the love you showed each day to our lady mother
the way you mended cuts  children collect
the pride you showed in our accomplishments
freedom to learn, to  go on learning
the memory of your courage in the painful days of your long illness
my prayer, to have your spirit close.
Stay with me , Dad

Cronelogical November 2006