Ancestor ancestor mine

Root of my trunk

Trunk of my branch

Branch of my leaf

How would I grow


How would I grow

And green and change

How would I go from now

To then

And stand ‘gainst the winds of time


The howling winds of time

To stand straight and tall as you did

And not let the winds strip

Me bare

Nor yet steal the sap from my veins


The life running in my veins

The blood from my life

Leaving me withered and dry

Not juicy and full

Leaving me bent and tired


Bent and tired and all sucked dry

From the winds of life and time

You have met this wind

Face on and lived thru it

Held straight and tall and fresh


Straight and fresh

And ready to stand more

All that came at you

With pride and dignity

And love


Child of child of mine

Leaf to my branch

Branch to my trunk

Trunk to my root

Gift of my love’s love



Love is the answer

I loved and that was why

The winds which pulled at me

Never took me down


Never took me down nor

Sucked me dry

They did their best

But my love

Held me safe


Held me safe within

For tired is not lost

And pulled at is not down

And if the dry winds parch then

Pull sweet moisture from down deep


Sweet life from love

And all I did

I did for love

And consecrated it to